Star Wars Battlefront II adding co-op, new maps and modes

One game you may not have expected to hear much from during this year’s Gamescom is Star Wars Battlefront II. However, EA and DICE have just announced a string of major updates for their first person shooter sequel.

New modes, maps, and reinforcements will be rolling out in the coming months with DICE giving fans an overview of its current roadmap. To cap this all off, the team will be pumping Battlefront II with fresh content that ties into Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

To kick things off, next month we’ll be seeing the Clone Commando join the Republic faction. Those who have been playing Battlefront II recently may have spotted a new reinforcement on the Separatists’ side: the deadly Droideka.

DICE is also adding another large scale map to the current rotation. The luscious overgrown planet of Felucia will serve as your next online battleground. Here’s the official description:

This map takes place as the Separatists’ invasion of Felucia is nearing its end. With only a single, powerful vehicle left to cover the evacuation of a Felucian farming community, the clones struggle to maintain their last line of defense long enough for Republic transports to collect a large cache of valuable medicinal plants from the village. But as the droids advance towards the clones’ position, the squad opts to go on the offensive and destroy the dreadnought responsible for the attack. However, the droids have a plan of their own: Ensure the Republic can’t escape with the plants by bringing down their Venator.

But wait, there’s more! Next month’s update will include a brand new co-op PvE mode, a first for Battlefront II. In squads of four you’ll be deployed across the game’s various Clone Wars era planets, gunning down waves of enemies and completing objectives.

We’re looking forward to seeing how this mode is handled and whether co-op will have its own progression system. DICE has another mode in the works too: Instant Action. This will allow you to play some of Battlefront II’s scenarios in a singleplayer setting against bots.

Finally, in December, there will be special themed content to celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. We have no details on exactly what this will include though a new map, a pair of heroes/villains, and some tie-in skins seem like.

Source: Official Star Wars Battlefront II forum

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