The new Watch Dogs Legion trailer explains how you can play as anyone

I think we all know how the ‘Play as anyone’ feature works in Watch Dogs Legion by now, but just in case you have been hiding under a rock the past few months there is a new trailer from Ubisoft explaining how the mechanic will work.


There’ll be no escaping the potential consequences of Brexit in Watch Dogs Legion down to the fact the whole setting is a post-Brexit London. Of course, Brexit isn’t just a London centric situation and the rest of the UK is affected too. Ubisoft has taken this into account and has confirmed that in this reality Scotland has left the United Kingdom and gone independent. This revelation comes in a preview of the game by The Guardian.

“In our game, Brexit definitely happened but we’re not trying to say it is the cause of the problems in our world … the things that caused Brexit are the causes of the problems in our dystopia,” explained creative director Clint Hocking.

Guns are more prevalent in Watch Dogs Legion as their components are 3D printed so the resistance can get their hands on them. However, if players choose not to use guns then opposing sides are unlikely to use them either, opting for more non-lethal routes instead.

Watch Dogs Legion will be coming out for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 6th March 2020.

Source: YouTube

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