Death Stranding: P.T. was Kojima’s middle finger to Konami, not a Silent Hills teaser

Death Stranding frontman, Hideo Kojima, is no stranger when it comes to long, complex yarns that leave his loyal fans feverishly running in circles, mining everything the man authors for layers of hidden meaning.

His creations are perplexing and it’s only now, with Death Stranding a few months from launch, that we’re slowly starting to get a grip on what that game actually is. Well, sort of. Tune out for a few seconds while watching the newest Death Stranding footage from Gamescom 2019 and you’ll lose the confusing breadcrumb trail Kojima has sporadically scattered before you.

Although renowned for his work on the Metal Gear Solid franchise, there’s been an added layer of intrigue to Hideo Kojima since he parted ways with publisher Konami, severing an almost thirty year partnership.

Even now, some years later, little about the breakup has been made public with neither Kojima or Konami execs confronting the topic.

A new video created by bobvids (via The Grate Debate) may have some answers. What makes this thirty minute watch particularly fascinating is its focus on the no longer available demo for Silent Hills: P.T..

In a nutshell, bobvids lays out a compelling timeline of events, suggesting that P.T. wasn’t really a teaser for a sequel in the horror franchise at all. Instead, it was an incredibly personal message from the creator of Metal Gear Solid and a massive middle finger to Konami.

As if P.T. wasn’t complicated enough with its dense web of fan theories, easter eggs, and secrets surrounding its lore and place within the Silent Hill franchise. This video pulls all that back another layer to expose what its creator believes to be its true meaning.

What’s perhaps the wildest theory is that Kojima used P.T. as a vehicle to covertly fight back against Konami due to the terms of his contract with the publisher forbidding him from speaking to the press or public about his termination.

It sounds plausible but, as always, take this convincingly well researched video with a pinch of salt. Hopefully one day, we’ll get to hear this all from the man himself.

Source: The Grate Debate

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