Expect two games from The Dark Pictures Anthology per year

When Man of Medan was officially unveiled last year it surprised us for a number of reasons, the recent multiplayer announcements being similarly unexpected.

From what we’ve seen and played, shifting to The Dark Pictures Anthology was logical move by the Guildford based team at Supermassive Games, evolving its original template for 2015 horror sensation, Until Dawn.


Aside from a heavy emphasis on multiplayer and partnering with publisher Namco Bandai, what really surprised us was Supermassive’s commitment to creating multiple games within this anthology before Man of Medan has even shipped.

When asked about this, series director and executive producer, Pete Samuels, told us the following:

We currently have the first 5 games in various stages of production and are looking to release two titles a year. We’re pretty much set on the themes and stories for the first eight games. The most important thing for us is that enough people enjoy the series to the extent that we can just keep on going, telling more and more stories, and occasionally freshening the anthology with some additional innovation.

Of course, we’re not privy to the ins and outs of Supermassive’s deal with Namco Bandai or exactly how many games it covers.

However, assuming Man of Medan is success, from what Samuels says we could expect a minimum of 8 entries in this brand new horror series. Potentially one every six months.

That sounds like an incredible undertaking though Supermassive has a template locked in. Man of Medan will likely be a mould for the rest of The Dark Pictures Anthology in terms of core gameplay features, multiplayer infrastructure, game engine, and other aspects such as motion capture techniques.

Needless to say, Namco Bandai expects this to snowball into a franchise that – on paper – could roll into the year 2023. By then, we’ll no doubt have our hands on next gen systems including the PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett.

However, when discussing the prospect of the new console cycle and future proofing The Dark Pictures Anthology, Samuels told us that the team is focusing purely on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For now.

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  1. I am kind of hoping that Sony will buy this developer but with Bandai publishing the first (and perhaps following) game(s) that could be an obstacle.

    • With eight instalments reportedly in the pipeline, I highly doubt Sony will be buying Supermassive. Sony already owns one studio in Guildford too (Media Molecule).

      I’ve no doubt Supermassive pitched its Dark Pictures Anthology to Sony but, for some reason, Sony must have turned it down.

  2. Does that mean that we can expect another dark pictures game this year, or is man of medan all were getting in 2019?

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