Interrogation simulator Blindfold is coming to PSVR

The Iranian Revolution of 1979 was a major point in geopolitical history, seeing the removal of a pro-Western Shah with a theocracy turning Iran into an Islamic republic. It’s a point in history which saw a divide in the nation with some people being exiled while those Shah supporters who couldn’t leave having to live with consequences. Some of them would not have a simple life with people being taken in for questioning and torture. iNK Stories has already covered some of the events in 1979 Revolution Black Friday, in which a massacre was the focal point. iNK Stories has stuck with the event for a follow up called Blindfold, and in this you’re an interrogation victim.


In Blindfold players are sat in a chair while an interrogator asks you questions. Displease this person and a friend of yours who is sitting opposite will feel the interrogator’s wrath. Players answer questions by shaking or nodding their heads. Players themselves are accused of being photojournalist who has been taking pictures that have become anti-state propaganda. You need to answer the questions with each one changing how the narrative will unfold. Essentially, its on you whether the character opposite you lives or dies with the game being a test of how far you’d go to protect yourself and others.

If you fancy checking out the full story then you might want to play 1979 Revolution. In the review Ade wrote:

Ink Stories should be congratulated on their tackling of a much misunderstood historical event and doing so with such accuracy, clarity and impartiality. However, with a glut of gameplay issues and a short game length that prevents the opportunity to explore some interesting ideas further, there’s far too much incentive to give 1979 Revolution: Black Friday a miss. This is best viewed as an educational tool, rather than a satisfying interactive experience in its own right

You can read the 1979 Revolution review here. Blindfold is already available on Oculus Rift headsets. The PSVR release will happen in September.

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  1. Good thing I’m living in Iran. I can get the full experience by just insulting the supreme leader, that way I won’t have to pay a single dime and the graphics are flawless. :)))

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