The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2v2 Gunfight alpha is now live, download link here!

PlayStation 4 owners get a taste of the next Call of Duty game today as they have exclusive access to an alpha for the 2v2 ‘Gunfight’ mode for the next few days. Bonus: You don’t even need PlayStation Plus to play!

The Alpha includes five close-quarters maps and includes two never-before-played locales: Docks and Speedball. Gunfight mode matches are bite-sized as each round only lasts 40 seconds. If things are tied after 40 seconds then an Overtime flag appears but teams will only have an extra 10 seconds to grab it or take out the opposition. If teams fail in that then the team with the most health wins the match but if everything is equal then a draw is declared.


You can grab the alpha right now by following this link

Here are some tips on how to play, courtesy of the PlayStation Blog.

  • Study your loadout – Your primary weapon is obvious, but look deeper to your sidearm, grenade, and gear. Sometimes your pistol will offer better range that the shotgun you spawned with. Don’t mistake your smoke grenade for a flash bang in the heat of the moment. Mind the details!
  • Listen carefully – Modern Warfare’s multiplayer removes the mini–map by default. Keep your ears peeled for the crunch of enemy footsteps and other positional cues. Keep your head on a swivel. Headphones make a big difference, too.
  • Pulling Overtime – An Overtime Flag appears if opposing players are still standing after 40 seconds. First team to secure the central flag wins the round.
  • Be unpredictable – Both teams start with sniper rifles and pistols? Take advantage of your enemies’ tunnel vision by storming the map, chucking a grenade, and brandishing that sidearm. Wildcard strategies make you harder to predict.
  • Move together – Generally goes without saying, but teams that move together live longer. This forces your enemies to think a second longer before engaging. Also, if you die via a surprise attack, your surviving ally has a chance to avenge your death and with the round.
  • Embrace discovery – Gunfight Mode is a brilliant way to get trigger time with a diverse set of weapons. Who knows – maybe the random loadouts will lead you to fall in love with a new approach to combat to take into Team Deathmatch and other Multiplayer modes.

Source: PS Blog / PS Store

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