Decay of Logos’ launch trailer lands ahead of next week’s release

Earlier this year Amplify Creations confirmed that its RPG Decay of Logos would be releasing in the autumn, with further confirmation coming that it would be released this month. Now Rising Star Games, which is publishing Decay of Logos, has released a launch trailer for the game. Decay of Logos is releasing next week with a staggered schedule. PS4 players will be able to get the game first on August 27th, Switch on August 29th, and then PC and Xbox One on August 30th.


In Decay of Logos players take on the role of Ada who traverses a world on the brink of war and destruction with a mystical Elk acting as a companion. The lore of the world has it that there are five realms ruled by a Prince, all of whom are brothers, but they don’t talk to each other as they’re intent on focusing on their own space. However, there is danger lurking for each of the five Princedoms and the people within. Ada herself is out on a quest for revenge after her village was destroyed by an unknown assailant. Ada and the Elk have to travel the world to look for answers while fighting off enemies, and meeting others who have their own problems.

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