Mysterious console spotted earlier in the week IS the PlayStation 5

Three days ago we reported on a new patent registered by Sony at the INPI (Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial) in Brazil in May this year, and they had also registered the same design patent in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) database earlier this month.

The patent is categorised as Class 14.02 which is for ‘data processing equipment and peripheral equipment’, and video game consoles fall in this category. The designers name is revealed as Yusuhiro Ootori, the engineering director at Sony and a the man who appeared in the a teardown the of the PlayStation 4 when it launched.

It was speculated that this was the first sighting of the PlayStation 5, and it turns out that speculation was partly correct.

Codemasters senior artist Matthew Stott took to Twitter to confirm the console is a PlayStaion 5, but is one of the development kits rather than design that will ship to consumers. “It’s a dev kit, we have some in the office,” he tweeted, which is slightly odd as developers have signed all sorts of NDA’s forbidding them to talk about the new consoles. That probably explains why that Tweet was rather hastily deleted, but not before everyone took a screenshot.

Development kits don’t usually resemble the final product that consumers purchase, they’re usually a big black box much like a standard PC, but the PlayStation 5 development kit is super fancy with all sorts of flares, grills, and vents. Clearly the console is going to need a lot of cooling so perhaps the final design may be rather similar to the development kit.

UPDATE: There are 3D renders of the console, check them out here.

Earlier this week awell respected Japanese tech hardware leaker suggested that the new console may have a GPU clocked to 2GHz which “equates to 9.2 TF (teraflops) of the RDNA architecture”.  That is more that double than that found in the PlayStation 4 Pro and almost the same as Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 GPU, one of the very best PC graphics cards you can buy today.

“When you factor in the fact that the PlayStation 5 is called to boast a custom-built, highly-optimised GPU that is designed to allow PlayStation game makers to squeeze every last drop of power from it, and all signs are pointing to the PS5 being able to deliver 4K, 120Hz gaming with ease,” say respected tech site T3.

We’re expecting Sony to officially reveal the console around February next year and it going on sale for Christmas 2020.

Source: Twitter / IGN / Twitter

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  1. I half expect the final design to retain at least some elements of this. Seems a lot more ‘designed’ than the PS4 dev kits were, they were more like customisable off-the-shelf stack system.

  2. If the final system looks like this, I’ll not be buying one. Or better, I’ll set up a business offering cases you can put over it, to make the PS5 acceptable in the living-room, and make a fortune.

    • If it did end up looking like that, I suspect putting anything over it would be a bad idea. Possibly turn it into a deadly fire hazard.

      Then again, if it needs as much ventilation as it appears to, putting it somewhere hidden out of the way where you can’t see it isn’t an option, so maybe what it looks like does matter. I think most people would probably get as far as “Oooh, that looks nice/horrible” for about 3 seconds before seeing what it can actually do. Most people really don’t care what these things look like.

      • Ok, I’ll add 50p to the production costs by including a cheap fan. And a long disclaimer to avoid any legal liability if the thing explodes nonetheless.

  3. The first iterations of Sony consoles are always better than the redesigns, but if the PS5 is anything like that then I would seriously reconsider buying one!

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