The first gameplay trailer of the comic styled Liberated has arrived

A couple of weeks ago Atomic Wolf Games announced the tech-noir comic styled game Liberated, with the title confirmed to be releasing for PC, Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. The way the game is structured means that each panel is the comic has some elements of gameplay from solving puzzles, making choices, or getting in shootouts. The whole thing is in black, white, and grey adding to the bleak nature of the world that Liberated takes part in.


In this world the government controls all the information and uses that power to manipulate the masses to follow its messages. The government also monitors all communication, payments, social media activity. Basically, Liberated seems to be using China’s mass surveillance program as inspiration.  Some people have seen through this control and are actively fighting back against the government forces, but players won’t just be working to take the government down. In Liberated both sides of the story are experienced and how a player decides to do things will impact the way the story itself unfolds.

Source: YouTube

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