Man of Medan devs explored 39 horror genres for The Dark Pictures Anthology

With Man of Medan launching later this month, we recently caught up with Supermassive Games to talk about the grand debut of its new horror franchise, The Dark Pictures Anthology.

Partnering with publisher Bandai Namco, the developer is already in the process of creating five separate instalments with enough material for eight.

It’s an ambitious project to say the least and we’re excited to see where each game in the series will take us, promising a completely different setting, story, and cast of characters.

Speaking with series director and executive producer, Pete Samuels, we asked why the studio at Supermassive landed on Man of Medan’s titular ghost ship for the focus of this first game.

We have a list of 39 sub genres and explored plenty before settling on Man of Medan as the first game! We felt that being stranded on a ghost ship was a perfect setting for a very creepy and terrifying experience.  Each game in The Dark Pictures Anthology will be entirely separate, with new stories, settings and characters. Each game will have a basis in history, real world myth, legend or conspiracy theory, so we have an awful lot of subject matter to choose from going forward.

Obviously, Samuels didn’t want to give anything away regarding the next title in The Dark Pictures Anthology though this comment should give you plenty to chew on.

We’re also interested to see whether Supermassive will splice its upcoming stable of horror games with other genres, perhaps taking us into space, back in time, or remaining purely focused on a familiar modern day setting.

Whatever The Dark Pictures Anthology has in store, you’ll be able to experience the series on your own, online with a partner, or in a group huddled around the same television. Read more in our Man of Medan multiplayer hands on preview.

Man of Medan launches on August 30th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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