MediEvil PS4 gameplay screenshots compare remake to PS1 original

We’re just a couple of months away from seeing yet another PlayStation icon being reborn.

However, unlike Crash Bandicoot and Spyro (both of which have enjoyed a triumphant return in recent years), it’s been a long while since we last saw a MediEvil game and the series’ strangely lovable protagonist, Sir Dan Fortesque.

As with any remake of a popular video game, fans are eager to see just how faithful it is to the original, MediEvil being no exception. Sony Interactive Entertainment has rolled out a number of new screenshots which can be directly compared.

Developed by Other Ocean, the team has painstakingly rebuilt Sir Dan’s 1998 adventure as the undead hero attempts to save Gallowmere from the maniacal Zarok.

Needless to say within that twenty one year gap there have been some technological advancements in gaming hardware. As such, MediEvil on PlayStation 4 will be blessed with incredibly detailed characters and environments, translating the original game’s spooky cartoon aesthetic for Sony’s newest console.

Other Ocean assures fans that it won’t tamper with MediEvil’s core gameplay or those original level designs. However, much like the aforementioned Crash Bandicoot and Spyro remakes, there will likely be small adjustments to help it feel modernised without some of that late 90s PlayStation clunk.

The developer confirmed that it has access to the original MediEvil source code, hinting that content cut from the game may find its way into the remake.

Sony also revealed that it will bring back Sir Dan’s original voice actor to reprise his role, Jason Wilson having also written MediEvil’s story. The game’s composers are also returning to oversee a new orchestral version of the MediEvil soundtrack.

For those MediEvil mega fans out there, the game’s October 25th launch will be followed by MediEvil: Fate’s Arrow. This graphic novel features a new story in the MediEvil universe penned by its creators.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog

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