Death Stranding Briefing trailer leaks – in a fashion

At last week’s Gamescom members of the press – and YouTubers – were treated a ‘briefing’ trailer for Death Stranding that explained some of the story, something that has been kept very much under wraps up until now.

YouTuber RePorter Bridges clearly has no idea what an NDA is as he uploaded the whole thing, captured via the camera on his phone, to YouTube, but of course it was removed quite quickly. However, those who saw if watched Amelie and Die Hardman explain to Sam that he is to travel across the country and reconnect Chiral Network terminals, which in turn will let the remaining humans connect to each other as the UCA, the United Cities of America.


Amelie appears to be ageless as she’s “still on the beach”, presumably a reference to the Death Stranding event. She has been “taken” by something and can’t leave Edge Knot City which is run by a military separatist group called Homo Demens who quite fond of killing people “and leaving crates”.

Sam does not want to take the mission and apparently “ran off” after the Death Stranding event, he does not want to get involved at all after the death of Bridget. Sam states he is not a ‘strand’, which is interesting as Kojima has explained that the game is an “Action Game, Strand Game (Social Strand System).” Perhaps ‘strands’ are how families or relationships are created in the game?

Sam refuses the request at the end of the trailer but clearly has a change of heart as he does seem to be wandering across America making pit stops at outposts in the other footage we have seen.

Mr Bridges has taken a rather novel approach to the leaking the trailer the second time round. He has created his own version by writing up what is said by each character, thus avoiding Sony’s copyright infringing ban hammer for the moment. You can watch it below.

Three trailer were released at Gamesom last week, one of which focuses on the Bridge Baby, the infant Sam carries around with him, and Deadman, played by legendary director Guillermo Del Toro.

Death Stranding will be melting brains and launch on PlayStation 4 on November 8th, and you might want to read this theory that P.T was Hideo Kojima’s secret message to Konami. 

Source: YouTube

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