Marvel’s Spider-Man Game of the Year edition is available now

Insomniac Games is gearing up to celebrate the one year anniversary of Marvel’s Spider-Man, and today the studio has confirmed the existence of the Game of the Year edition. Furthermore, the Marvel’s Spider-Man GOTY edition is available from today on the PS Store. A physical release hasn’t been confirmed yet but it is likely to follow. The GOTY edition features the base game as well as The City That Never Sleeps DLC which adds a further three chapters to Spidey’s story. Insomniac has released a new trailer to mark this release and to essentially celebrate a year since Marvel’s Spider-Man was released.


The game was one of our highest rated titles last year. In his review Gareth wrote:

Marvel’s Spider-Man does a spectacular job of making you feel like the ultimate Spider-Man. From swinging through the city at high speed to fighting off legions of enemies by zipping between them and pulling them into the air, its gameplay looks like a scene from the films. It’s remarkably well realised in terms of its world, design, and even technically, with short loading times and a rock solid framerate even on the base PlayStation 4. If Spider-Man is your thing then this is an essential purchase.

You can read the full Marvel’s Spider-Man review here. Insomniac has given the game a ton of support since it launched including different costumes for Spider-Man including from the recent movie Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Source: PS Blog

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