The NBA 2K20 My Team trailer looks like an advert for a casino rather than a sports game

Hey, remember when everyone agreed that gambling in video games was kinda a bad thing? Then remember when the industry was about to get slapped with legislation and went “It’s OK guys we got this, we will self regulate?”

It was just a few weeks ago, but somehow 2K seemed to have missed the general agreement that gambling isn’t a good thing.


Take a look at the new trailer from NBA 2K20 and try and pick up your jaw from the floor afterwards. This would be amazing satire if it was not the actual game.

The most of the trailer is about gambling, power ups, login bonuses, card packs, and just to make to emphasise the point that gambling is really great, little videos in the corner featuring a couple of guys going absolutely nuts when they win (even though the controller they are using is turned off).

Gambling is frickin’ great! Everyone should gamble! Spin that wheel and win a prize! Buy those card packs! WOOOOHOOOO!!!

Please kill me now.

Source: YouTube

P.S. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.

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  1. Absolutely atrocious. Surely this will ruin the game. I had a lot of respect for TSA giving a past 2K game a low score due to it being ruined by microtransactions; hopefully more reviewers follow suit.

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