“Black Five” game in production, could it be a code name for SOCOM or Resistance?

Time for a little wild speculation as it has been revealed Michael Bay, he who ruined a good number of Transformers films, is in talks with Sony to direct a new film called Black Five. The script is being written by Ehren Kruger, another person responsible for ruining the Transformers films, and produced by Erwin Stoff.

Details are very thin on the ground but it is said to be an ensemble cast with a male lead, and is a military story with sci-fi elements. So why do we care? Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter “a video game is being developed concurrently with the feature project.”


It’s a Sony movie so the chances are the video game is going to be made by Sony as well, but no one makes video games based on new, unproven movies anymore. Long gone are the days when every Arnold Schwarzenegger film was accompanied by a side scrolling beat ’em up, so why would this movie be getting a game? One answer is that the franchise already exist in the gaming world and this will be a sequel or a reboot.

So, an existing Sony franchise with military and sci fi elements. The most obvious name that springs to mind is the Resistance: Fall of Man series, the alien invasion plot would make a great movie and Sony have left the once incredibly popular franchise out in the cold for far too long.

The SOCOM series has also been absent for a good while and although it doesn’t have any sci-fi elements a reboot could bring them in. There have been whispers that Horizon Zero Dawn developers Guerrilla are working on a rebooted version of  SOCOM, they have been hiring lots of multiplayer specialists in recent months.

Also, as American audiences had to have the movie The Madness of George III renamed to The Madness of King George as preview screenings were wondering when The Madness of George 1 and 2 had been released. Black Five sounds suspiciously like a code name.

This is all speculation but there’s I think there is something fishy going on here, what do you think?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Please be true. I think Resistance would be a better fit as a tv series but if a game comes around I’m in! A Socom game wouldn’t be too shabby either.

  2. I’d love Resistance, just generally. Hell, I’d even love if they re-released a “HD” version of Resistance: Burning Skies, just to get a little Resistance fix… in some ways it was the most fun I’ve had with a Resistance game since the first one…

  3. Codename for a new Killzone?

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