Castle Crashers Remastered Switch release date confirmed for September

Back in March The Behemoth confirmed it would be releasing Castle Crashers Remastered for Switch and PS4, though we had no idea when. That status has changed for the Switch version of the game as it has been confirmed that Castle Crashers Remastered will be released on September 17th for Nintendo’s console. The Switch version of the game will support HD Rumble, Switch Online, and 4 player local Joy-Con support. The price at launch will be $14.99 for PS4 and Switch.


The PS4 version of Castle Crashers Remastered has not got a date yet because it is still going through the submission process, and without knowing how long that will take The Behemoth doesn’t want to give a date in case it changes.The remastered edition will come with the following content:

  • The fast-paced and frantic mini-game “Back Off Barbarian” that you can play by yourself or with your friends
  • Texture sizes are five times greater than the original game, which means the game is five times more beautiful
  • 60 frames per second gameplay! (The original ran at 30FPS which is not nearly as smooth)
  • All previously released downloadable content including characters, weapons, and animal orbs will be available to unlock in-game
  • Various performance updates and improvements to gameplay and online multiplayer

There are currently no plans for The Behemoth to put in cross-platform play.

Source: The Behemoth

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