What We Played #414 – Control, Catherine: Full Body & Man of Medan

Another week rolls by and yet more games have been played. I’m still happily rolling through Monster Hunter World: Iceborne for next week’s review, as well as some mobile phone gaming as I review the new OnePlus 7 Pro. Beyond that, I finally upgraded the RAM in my PC – which caused much panic when I hadn’t actually fitted it properly and my PC wouldn’t boot up! – but now it’s in and my games seem to be much much happier.

Ade has played some more Spider-Man and almost polished off all the DLC – “The question then remains what am I’m going to do with the Peter Parker shaped hole in my life?” Well, you could play Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. And buy a Switch. Sounds cost effective.

Nick P played and finished Telling Lies for review, which has apparently been a pretty good experience. “Interactive movie games at their best, I’d say. I’ve also been playing Man of Medan which is not as great as I’d hoped.” TC also played Man of Debra Medan – not sure that’s quite right – for the review, “which is good, but has problems.” Oh, and the obvious Destiny 2, and the less obvious Cubase.

Jim has spent this week honing his hammer skills in Monster Hunter: World, while also taking a trip down memory lane with a certain MMO, referring to World of Warcraft Classic. “It’s been solid fun so far though choosing to play as a healer has made the solo grind even longer. That said, there’s a magic to this crystallised version of the game and I’ll no doubt keep chipping away.”

Jason has been playing Sin Slayers, which he can’t talk about, another game he can’t talk about, and some more Remnant: From the Ashes which is actually growing on him. Sounds infectious, but hopefully in a good way. Gareth, meanwhile, has played a little No Man’s Sky over the weekend and about twenty minutes of Ghost Recon Wildlands before he had to abandon the poor thing. He also had a go of Crisis VRigade because it was £2, but it’s seemingly very hard.

Aran reviewed Control and it’s one of his favourite games of the year, which is nice. He also trekked back to AC Odyssey where there’s only one island left for him to uncover. Miguel has spent this week grinding out HR in Monster Hunter: World some more, and is slowly coming to the realisation that he’s enjoying the grind of collecting materials, but would probably enjoy the act of actually playing Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on Switch more. He also played Catherine: Full Body for review and had totally forgot how much he loved all the characters before jumping into Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. Finally he got his weekly Tekken 7 sessions in.

Steve had a busy week of gaming time, mainly thanks to being too ill to go to a big medieval reenactment with his family. It’s not all bad news though, as he rattled through the super interesting State of Mind while sick in bed, saying, “it’s like a fusion of Remember Me and Detroit without the awful David Cage writing”. He also finished off Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise, but couldn’t be bothered with the ridiculous grind for all of the sidequests, and then replayed and enjoyed Wolfenstein: The New Order all over again on PS4, having played it originally on 360. Finally he’s been looking at a couple of PC games for review, including starting out with the fascinating looking Ancestors: Humankind Odyssey. He also watched most of the original Berserk anime in preparation for playing the PS4 Musou game based on it.

And last but not least, Tef came down from last week’s flurry of Gamescom gaming by writing up a bunch of previews from the show. When not tapping away on his keyboard, he recently got SNES-style (but with analogue sticks) 8bitdo controller and has been enjoying Tetris 99 and Super Mario Maker 2 with a classic feeling D-pad and buttons, and has been engrossed in the steady build of Starborne’s MMORTS, which he previewed a few weeks ago. He’s even joined an alliance and started talking to people on it!

Now then, what have you all been up to over the past week?

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  1. Started off the week with a lack of gaming. But a trip to London to see the Stanley Kubrick exhibition at the Design Museum. Well worth a visit if you get a chance in the last couple of weeks.

    And then eventually, lots of NMS again. Apart from adding VR, the big update made a few things much nicer than last time I spent too many hours playing. But it’s still the VR that impresses me.

    Took a break from the AC Odyssey DLC by, erm, downloading the remastered AC3. So that probably doesn’t help things.

    And then finished off Trover (or possibly Jopo) Saves the Universe. If you don’t mind strong language and some fairly disturbing humour, I’d say it’s pretty much essential, if you’ve got a Fancyhat.

    Then the usual other VR things. Bit of Firewall. Bit of Honor & Duty, which seems to have gained both a load of new players and a whole new map. And some new bugs too. The score frequently disappears, which adds excitement and tension to a match or something. Possibly just means you’re wondering who’s winning. And a tiny graphical upgrade. Still not the greatest looking game ever, but now a bit sharper. And still stupid amounts of fun. Does Call of Duty let you steal a car from the other team and then run them over with it while someone throws 9 grenades at you? I think not.

    I did hear someone getting all excited and surprised that a red barrel exploded and killed someone. Doesn’t everyone know what red barrels are for???

    • Oh, and Beat Saber got an update today. Seems to have vastly improved the previously very dubious tracking. It hasn’t, however, improved my ability to play for more than half a dozen songs without punching something I shouldn’t while dripping everywhere and ending up with sore arms.

  2. Just the W for me Two W’s
    Warface and Wreckfest…. Warface and Wreckfest xD
    Going to play Warface co op tonight and tomorrow aswell.
    Wreckfest MultiPlayer will be a maybe tonight depending on how well we do on Warface.

  3. Played some Subnautica with the kids, then I discovered the series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, which quite unexpectedly is very good, so I had no more time for gaming. Am currently downloading all episodes, as they play well on my PS4.

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