Risk of Rain 2 is out now on consoles

Risk of Rain 2 has been available on PC via Steam Early Access since March where fans of the original Risk of Rain would have seen a lot of changes taking place. We knew the game was coming to console at some point and Gearbox Publishing confirmed when Risk of Rain 2 would be out. When, you ask? Right now. That’s right Switch, PS4, and Xbox One owners can now download Risk of Rain 2 and get in on the action of trying to survive and get off planet.


Risk of Rain 2 can be played solo or in multiplayer as a team of four to get through the randomised stages meaning no playthrough has the same route. The release includes the Scorched Acres update which adds new equipment, items, an additional boss stage, and another survivor to the roster. Scorched Acres won’t be the only update as Hopoo Games, developer of Risk of Rain 2, is going to be adding even more equipment, boss stages, items, and survivors for free in the future.

It was back in May 2017 that Hopoo Games had confirmed that Risk of Rain 2 was in development, so now you can see the culmination of that two years of work with your own eyes.

Source: YouTube

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