ShopTo have a sale on PSN Credit and PlayStation Plus, save up to £12

ShopTo are running a sale on PSN credit top ups, essentially it’s free money if you splash out a bit. You don’t really save much on the lower tiers but you can get £50 worth of credit for £41.85, or if you have the cash laying about, £100 for £87.85, giving you £12 of free PSN credit.

Here are the savings on offer.


You can grab the deal here, and there are also offers for PlayStation Plus membership

The offers are for digital codes so if you take ShopTo up on the deal they should mail you code promptly. Sony are currently running a huge sale on the PSN Store so if you are looking for bargain you can team it with the ShopTo offer and save ever more money.

You can grab Call of Cthulhu for £15.99, Elex for £14.99, Elite Dangerous for the bargainalicious price of £7.39, Jurassic World Evolution for £14.99, Resident Evil 7 for £12.99, and Team Sonic Racing at £19.99. Two of Futurlab’s top games are also on offer with Velocity 2X at £5.09 and Tiny Trax for PSVR also at the same price.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Deluxe Edition is the current Deal of the Week and you get 70% off that, taking the price down to just £7.39.

There PlayStation Presents Sale is also still running until September 18th, Games Under €20 is running until 4th September, as is Games Under €10, you can find those by expanding the sections below.

PlayStation Presents Sale

Games Under €20

Games Under €10

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  1. I don’t buy much from the PS store but I would have taken advantage of the PSN top ups but I pre-ordered WRC 8 the week before the offer. At least I got the PS+ discount.

  2. “or if you have the cash laying about, £100 for £87.85, giving you £12 of free PSN credit.”

    Not sure why anyone would do this, surely be better to buy 2 x £50 vouchers for £83.70.

  3. The best value is the £35 card, for £28.85, you are paying 82.4% of its PSN worth.
    2nd is the £50 at 83.7%
    Then £15, £80 and £30 are in the 85-86% range.
    £100 is 87.6%, better geting 2x 35 and 2×15 for £83.40 (saving a whopping £0.30p over the 2x £50)

    (I have a spreadsheet #nerd)

    • I feel i need a copy of said spreadsheet :)

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