The Borderlands 3 viral marketing videos are amusing, watch them here

Borderlands 3 arrives on September 13th and ahead of the launch the PR marketing machine is really going to town, or more precisely, to the beach. Check out this video which includes a nice spoof of the Uni Qlo logo.


The second video takes us to a roof top pool party where a new cola is being launched and, well, you can guess what happens.

Dog food commericals get it in the neck, literally, in this next spoof.

L’Oreal Paris are next in line for some parody, this is my favourite video of the set as they get to take a swipe at those awful Johnny Depp perfume ads as well.

And finally, an upside down pizza. Made with jock straps.

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A few days ago  Gearbox have revealed yet more of the endgame loop for Borderlands 3, including Mayhem Mode, True Vault Hunter Mode and Guardian Rank progression system.

True Vault Hunter is your typical New Game+ mode, with tougher enemies and better loot. You character progression through a campaign is distinct between Normal and True Vault Hunter, but your stats and equipment are shared between both modes.

Meanwhile, Mayhem Mode also appears at the end of the campaign within either a Normal or True Vault Hunter campaign, and can be found through a terminal on the Sanctuary III. It enables three difficulty levels – Mayhem 1, 2 and 3 – and also bumps up the difficulties, shields, health, damage etc. etc. Beyond that, Mayhem Mods are also applied to the planets you visit. For example, there’s Savage, where enemies deal more weapon damage, or Wizard, where normal bullet damage is reduced, while elemental damage is bumped up. Mods that can appear depend on the Mayhem level you choose.

Guardian Rank is also revealed once you’ve beaten the main campaign, and is an extension of the Badass Rank in previous games. You still keep playing to get stat boosts for your Vault Hunters, but Guardian Rank has bigger buffs on top of the smaller bonuses. A Guardian Rank bar fills up as you work your way to earning a Guardian Token. That can then be spent to unlock bonus stats in three trees, giving you a choice of six randomly selected skills each time, taken from a list of seventeen:


  • Critical Damage
  • Grenade Damage
  • Gun Damage
  • Gun Fire Rate
  • Melee Damage
  • Vehicle Damage


  • FFYL (Fight For Your Life) Duration
  • FFYL Movement Speed
  • Max Health
  • Shield Capacity
  • Shield Recharge Delay
  • Shield Recharge Rate


  • Accuracy
  • Action Skill Cooldown
  • Luck (Rare Drop Rate)
  • Recoil Reduction
  • Reload Speed

The bigger bonuses come when you’ve spent 10, 15, 25, 35, 50 and 75 tokens in each respective category, with Guardian Rewards including weapons and Vault Hunter skins, as well as passive buffs.

Borderlands 3 will be released on September 13th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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