GhostWire: Tokyo Creative Director Ikumi Nakamura has left Tango Gameworks

Forget Keanu, by far the best stage appearance at E3 2019 came from GhostWire: Tokyo’s Creative Director Ikumi Nakamura. After being introduced by Tango Gameworks founder Shinji Mikami, her personality lit up the stage as she talked about the studio’s next project, GhostWire: Tokyo.

Sadly, she won’t be making any more stage cameos for Tango, Bethesda or Zenimax, announcing on Twitter that she’s left the project and the company via Twitter.


She joined Tango Gameworks nine years ago, eventually being taken under Shinji Mikami’s wing as apprentice director after leading the concept art for The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2. Prior to this, she worked as a concept artist at Capcom and PlatinumGames, working on Okami and Bayonetta.

What she has planned next, isn’t known, but the implication from her posting a link to her LinkdIn profile is that she’s not moving straight into a new job. That raises a few question marks as to the reason for her departure from Tango. It also leaves a few questions about GhostWire’s progress, but when the rest of the team and the renowned Shinji Mikami still at the studio, it should be in safe hands.

Hopefully she gets to work on some great projects in future, because honestly, E3 needs more of this kind of personality:

Source: Twitter

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