“You are what you kill” says the latest The Surge 2 trailer

Curating your character loadout in most games is a simple case of finding new caches of gear in the world, buying them from shops, or sometimes prizing a new sword or gun from a foe’s hands. The Surge is a bit different, and in the final run up to The Surge 2’s launch on 24th September, Focus are highlighting that in this Souls-like, “you are what you kill.”


The big twist with The Surge 2 is that instead of having plate armour and nice leather vests, the sci-fi setting has everyone with an exoskeleton that’s connected to their central nervous system. It leads to the series’ trademark limb-cutting mechanic, where you can target specific limbs and try to cleave them off before death can fry the circuitry and make it totally useless.

Your route to creating new character builds is to battle enemies with those various parts and successfully detach them with finishing attacks, before the cannibalising enough of them into a new attachment for your own exo-rig.

There’s been plenty of trailers digging into the game over the last few months. In case you’ve missed them you can see 8 minutes of combat gameplay here, as well as some of those brutal dismemberments here. A couple of weeks ago there was the customisation trailer showing just how personalised you can make the main character, while going back to E3 the trailer was of the more cinematic variety which featured cultists and a mysterious child.

In our latest preview for The Surge 2 Dom wrote:

The Surge 2 is shaping up to be a serious contender in the tough Soul-bourne genre this year, and while it’s undoubtedly built upon the foundations that the first game laid, it looks as though it’s truly found its own identity, backed up by some seriously visceral, enjoyable sci-fi combat.

You can read The Surge 2 preview here. The Surge 2 will be released on September 24th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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