What We Played #415 – Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Gears 5 & WoW Classic

We’re well and truly in silly season, going by the flurry of big game releases and accompanying embargoes and reviews. Between Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and Gears 5, this week is another corker. I’m looking forward to tucking into Gears 5 myself this weekend, or maybe I’ll belatedly give Man of Medan a run? Perhaps I’ll just dip into the SNES library that’s now on Nintendo Switch? Or give Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville a good session in its early access form.

There’s too much to choose from, but actually, I’ll probably carry on with what I’ve been playing the past week. Skimming through Game Pass, I finally settled on Ori and the Blind Forest, and never having played it before, it’s simply sublime. The challenge of the traversal, the Metroidvania world structure, the visuals, the sound and story, it’s brilliant!

Moving on the rest of the team and Tuffcub played… Destiny 2! Steve was more adventurous with Ancestors: Humankind Odyssey, which doesn’t live up too its ambitions, survived the forest of the merely OK Blair Witch, and went a bit arcade with Hyper Sentinel. This weekend’s all about Gears 5 for him, though.

Nick was our man for the Gears 5 review and sunk a good amount of time into finish the campaign and sample its multiplayer. He’s also been Catherine: Full Body and Bloodstained Ritual of the Night.

Nic has played a poop-load of Magic The Gathering: Arena Brawl as part of a special event, and has been doing his best with the pre-constructed decks as he can. Meanwhile, it was on Dom’s shoulders to handle the Iceborne review though, and Jason was another of those playing the “stunningly brilliant” Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, alongside the part-platformer, part-Pokémon Monster Sanctuary.

Jim finished Man of Medan earlier this week – “Nowhere near as good as Until Dawn but I’m still confident Supermassive can deliver” – and sank into the world of World of Warcraft Classic once more, on something that’s part nostalgia trip and part game that he fully intends to keep on playing.

Having finished Spider-Man, Ade went back to the character’s origins (well, in certain tellings of the story), and picked up WWE 2K19 for £13. “I’ve not played any 2k WWE games since the era of the PlayStation 2. My god, they’ve made it so complicated, there’s mini-games within mini-games inside mini-games. It’s like mini-games inception!”

He still loves it though.

Jake’s just played a load of Splatoon 2’s ranked battles, finished off Assassin’s Creed Liberation on Switch (having never finished it on Vita), and nabbed the newly released Super Kirby Clash for a free Kirby fix.

It was more Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for Aran, who thinks he’s cleared almost all of the side missions outside of the Lost Tales DLC, while Miguel has been playing a bunch of Daemon X Machina for review – watch out for that next week! – got a few hours into the “freaking incredible” Control, revisited Catherine: Full Body and savoured some of the weird co-op of Heave Ho, which ” everybody needs to check out.”

Now it’s over to you, though. What have you played this past week?

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  1. Mostly wreckfest for me had a great TSA Monday meet (been ages since I had a TSA meet) was a great laugh and having another on Monday again. Feel free to join us if you have Wreckfest :)
    I am 2 trophies away from the plat (400th), reaching Rank 50 and get all the challenges done. So will be on that this weekend and might get it on Sunday. If not Monday it is then xD

    • sounds like fun! im on night shift this monday, so wont be able to join, but if this is something more or less regular, id like to join some other time. also still need most of the 20 wins for the trophy :)

  2. Last week i had plenty of time for gaming, my girlfriend and our son where on holiday, and i had only two shifts to do at work. So i worked on my backlog and sampled a few of my latest sale acquisitions.
    That meant continuing on Okami and finishing Rebel Galaxy, im only two trophies away from the platinum, but im holding off, because i want Okami as my 100th… And a fair bit of Control, which is pleasantly uncomfortable in its setting and a very good game all round. I bagged the online Trophies for Driveclub and Driveclub Bikes, so i still have a shot at the Platinums when the servers go down. I also finished Drowning, North and Stormboy, three very short games which brought me my Platinums 98 and 99, North doesnt have one. Drowning and Storm boy where nice little experiences, North was… weird. Then i sampled Thronebreaker, LA Cops, Deus Ex Mankind Divided and WRC 7, all of which i will play more at a later time. I played a bit more of Out of the Box, which is quite similar to Papers Please, but you play an ex-con who works for his former crime-boss as a bouncer at a nightclub. Cant go wrong, right? Also a bit of Remnant and the usual serving of Battlefield V.

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