EA is looking for participants for its Project Atlas cloud gaming technical trial

Cloud Gaming isn’t a new concept with the first major run probably coming from OnLive though it didn’t work out, probably because the technology and infrastructure wasn’t quite in place. Currently it’s Google Stadia which is dominating headlines for the future of cloud gaming even though it isn’t exactly the most straight forward of product launches, and the cost of games could be the same as buying them outright. Microsoft and Sony have also teamed up to work on the future of cloud gaming with Microsoft’s Azure system being the bedrock of any future system.

Not to be outdone EA has its own system and that is Project Atlas which was announced last October. EA’s vision is to create a system where game worlds can constantly evolve and be accessible anywhere, similar to how Stadia would run across different platforms. While Project Atlas isn’t close to release yet it is at a stage where EA is now looking for people to test the service.


In a post on Medium EA’s Chief Technology Officer Ken Moss confirmed what was being tested.

Those who get into the trial will have four games to test and those will be FIFA 19, Titanfall 2, Need for Speed Rivals, and Unravel. If you want to have a chance at taking part in the trial and testing out the future of gaming then you can sign up through this link.

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  1. It would be a little more interesting if you were getting to play some of their newer games.

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