Civilization VI: Red Death is a free new turn-based Battle Royale mode

“You know what Civilization VI really need? Battle Royale!” said no-one ever. And yet here it is. Civilization VI: Red Death is a new and free multiplayer mode for the PC version of the game, throwing twelve players into a free-for-all fight for survival.

Fun fact, Red Death was actually an April Fools joke thrown into the game by Multiplayer Engineering Lead, Bradley Olson. The only problem was that nobody on the Firaxis team noticed it was there! The original implementation simply handed each player a Warrior and Settler unit, with new ones earned from friendly villages, but this has been expanded upon and revised until Firaxis were confident enough to actually put the game in front players.

The game mode is only available for players on PC, but is a free update and only requires the base game in order to play. The twelve players have a choice of eight factions themed to fit the apocalyptic setting and providing in-game buffs and advantages. Firaxis’ art team also spruced the mode up with redesigned unit models, new terrain and giving the world a post-apocalyptic feel.

The original game come out for PC in 2016, with Dave writing in our review, “Civilization VI is my new favourite addiction that I honestly can’t really fault. Each of the gameplay changes provides a fresh challenge, but they were well worth undertaking once they clicked. It’s packed full of the stuff that made the previous games great, but also has a crisp style that makes things clear enough when the game gets extremely busy. As such, the vanilla version of Civilization VI is so good, expansions aren’t really necessary to improve upon it. Having said that, I’m excited for what’s next.”

It also drew more than a few plaudits when the game came to Nintendo Switch late last year, where Nick said, “Now the threat of taking “just one more turn” can haunt you wherever you go.”

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