Report: Sony have a second event planned for later this month

Although Sony missed E3 they seem to be exceedingly active this September. The Tokyo Game Show starts tomorrow and Sony will be out in force showcasing a huge range of games including not one, not two, but three presentations for Death Stranding.

As you might expect they are going to be promoting many games from Japan including Genshin Impact, Monkey King: Hero is Back , and One-Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, along with the big release from the West such as Borderlands 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Ghost of Tsushima will also be present and as the last time was saw that properly was E3 2018 fans are desperate for more on that game.

After TGS 2019 wraps up The Last of Us Part II media event will be taking placing on September 24th in Los Angeles. We can expect a lot more to be revealed, perhaps even a release date which is rumoured to be around February 2020, one of Sony’s favourite slots for releasing big games. That said, some of the TSA staff are predicting a release near the end of 2020, perhaps October or November which, if our predictions are correct, make the game a PlayStation 5 launch title.

Which brings us on to the latest news which comes from respected analyst at Niko Partners, and rather wiitty chap on Twitter, Daniel Ahmad. Responding to a post on ResetEra about The Last of Us Part II event he simply states “This isn’t the only Sony event that week.”

What could Sony be planning? Well September 26th is Outbreak Day, the day when in the world of TLOU the Cordyceps infection reached critical mass in Austin Texas, but as there is a The Last of Us Part 2 event just two days prior it’s unlikely to be anything to do with that game.

Death Stranding is being hammered at TGS, so it’s unlikely to be that, and Concrete Genie and Ghost of Tsushima are also covered. It’s definitely not going to be Media Molecule’s Dreams as they do weekly broadcasts and it’s already in Early Access so that leaves us with the outside chance that it might be something to do with the PlayStation 5.

There’s also a fair chance it might be a State of Play broadcast about some new cardboard sleeves for old games or some other tat, but let’s hope for something more exciting.

Source: ResetEra

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