The PS Plus Platinum weekend sale is now on

A new sale has gone live on the PS Store today with PS Plus members being able to get discounts on some big titles. Highlights include Red Dead Redemption II getting 50% knocked off the price, along with PSVR exclusive Blood & Truth, Rage 2, and Metro Exodus. You can check out the full list of sale items with prices below.




Source: PS Store

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  1. Whoever still is yet to own Witcher 3 must take the plunge at that price surely! I would buy it twice if I could, what a game!

    I’m tempted by Days Gone but the mixed reviews of it are making me a bit uncertain. Anyone who’s played it got a recommendation either way?

    • It well worth it for the price. I got sixty odd hours out of it between the main missions and side quests. The campaign meanders a bit half way through and never really gets back on track. But even at full price it’s worth it. Story is good, graphics and mechanics are superb. I just picked up a Plague Tale and Gran Tourismo, some good deals on there.

    • What if you don’t have much time in your hands? Is Witcher still a good shout even to play little bits slowly!

      • Personally that was how I played the Witcher. Each mission/ quest feels like it’s only contained story so I never felt the long RPG fatigue I usually get with games like FF

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