What We Played #416 – Monster Hunter: Iceborne, Creature in the Well & Borderlands 3

Oh sweet, sweet games, how we’ve missed you in the summer drought, and now we’re all ready to plough through all these amazing autumn releases, right? At least, that’s what I would be saying, but there wasn’t really a drought this year was there? Maybe there was one week where only three or four games came out, but it seems as though 2019 has been an absolute banger, and it’s only going to get better. Probably.

I’ve been greatly enjoying Creature in the Well, and I’d go as far to say it’s one of the best things I’ve played recently. Besides that I’ve been playing Monster Hunter: Iceborne and helping out a few people who are just starting out with it, and laughing while monster blows bounce off my brilliant armour.

Jason has definitely been playing Borderlands, though he said he wasn’t, and now I’m confused. Maybe he thinks that we don’t know that he knows that we know that Borderlands 3 is out now? He’s also been playing a lot of Iceborne, which he says is a GOTY contender. Due to this, I condone Jason for any lies he might have told about Borderlands 3. Besides that he’s also played lots of Monster Sanctuary “which is great”, and The Witcher 3 for “reasons”.

Nick P‘s week has been mainly dominated by Bloodstained RotN which he’s been trying to 100% in time for Borderlands 3. I have no idea if he made it as this was yesterday, but hopefully he’s shooting psychos in the face right now. Tuffcub meanwhile has played DarkSiders 3, though only for about 15 minutes until he died on the first boss battle, and he is mildly perturbed “IT SENT ME BACK TO THE START OF THE LEVEL so that went in the bin – ‘aint nobody got time for that”. He was also chuffed about living up to his promise to play something other than Destiny 2 though given that he added “Which I also played. Almost every night” I think maybe we’ll call that a draw.

Steve has played a lot of Blasphemous “which I enjoyed despite a few niggles and flaws, trying to find everything before tackling the end boss”. He’s also right at the end of Daymare for review next week but apparently “there is an absolute melon-farmer of an end boss”. He also had a quick looksie at Greedfall “which I can see occupying me for a long while”.

Ade also played some Darkstalkers 3 [sic] thanks to PS Plus. “For about 10 minutes. It’s a game that would be 5 years behind the times had it came out 5 years ago. It was soon deleted”. Instead he’s been playing River City Girls for review and Battle Chef Brigade “because it’s awesome”. He later realised he’d been playing Darksiders 3, adding “Oh Darksiders! That’s it. A title so horribly generic I couldn’t even remember it a few days after playing the game.” so I’m going to take it that he wasn’t a fan.

Jim hasn’t played a great deal this week and when he has it’s mostly been on Xbox One. “I’m taking small bites out of the Gears 5 campaign which seems decent but I’ve yet to run into anything that really sets it apart from past games in the franchise. I also booted up Creature in the Well and Void Bastards before deciding to give Ryse: Son of Rome a go. It’s a bit repetitive, sure, but I’ve been having a great time with it.” Aran meanwhile started Novinews for review and played a bit of PES too.

Miguel has been playing more Astral Chain. “I realized how much unlockable stuff was in there for customization and f***ing fell in love, plus the camera mode with unlockable character entries is super cool too”. Besides that he played more Tekken 7 and Monster Hunter World, and tried out some of the Blair Witch game “which was pretty decent!”

Finally Tef has played Luigi’s Mansion 3, Link’s Awakening and GRID, with a little bit more of Ori and the Blind Forest. He also got to touch a Nintendo Switch Lite “for about 30 seconds”. Which is 30 seconds more than the rest of us so he should just be grateful.

That’s us, what have you been playing?

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  1. No change here, still playing NMS and flipping between VR and flat – but with the next patch set to deliver “Significantly improved image quality in PSVR” it looks like i’ll be playing a lot more in VR.

  2. Just got my 401 Platinum on Battlefield V (finally 3 months of glitch trophies) unfortunately stats had to be reset so had to go through them all again)
    Also played and Platinum Wreckfest on Monday.
    Streaming Friday the 13th The Game Live right now ^^
    Tomorrow will be Borderlands 3 for the weekend and the whole week (off work xD)
    Enjoy gaming weekend folks!

  3. Lots of NMS and my usual VR things.

    Plus “Plants vs Zombies: It’s bloody garden warfare 3 and there’s fuck all you can do to stop me calling it that”. Which is fun, as was to be expected. Quite like all the stuff they’ve added outside of the main MP mode. Not so keen on the time it takes to spend your coins. Hold square for a fortnight, wait while a random thing pops out of the machine, wait for the huge message to disappear, repeat until you’re bored. If you liked the previous 2 games, pick it up now while it’s cheap.

    I finally got around to Darksiders 3 as well, since it’s on PS+. It’s better than the 2nd, which was a bit shit. But horrible checkpoints. Obviously I’ve got more patience than Tuffcub though. (Yes, I died on that first boss battle too)

    And some other things. Trying to clear that backlog before I get tempted by the sale again. Oh, bugger. They added another weekend sale??

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