Lots of new Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay shown at Tokyo Game Show

In six months time Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available to buy. It isn’t that far away and many people have been waiting a long time to re-experience one of the most iconic JRPGs in an updated format. Many more will be looking to play the game for the first time and find out why the Final Fantasy VII has the reputation it does. It’s no surprise that Final Fantasy VII had a huge slot at the TGS PlayStation Live Show with demo and discussion taking over 45 minutes of the presentation.

In the footage below you can see a lot of moments of combat with the likes of Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, and Barret all fighting against different enemies. There’s also a look at Summons and a moment where Cloud is training in a gym. It’s definitely worth watching the gameplay and seeing how the combat will work in Final Fantasy VII Remake


Some may not like the real-time combat system so it may of comfort to know that there will be a Classic Mode which features turn-based combat like the original release so you can use menus to line up attacks instead of going down the action RPG route. A couple of days ago a separate trailer was released for Final Fantasy VII Remake. There was a bit of confusion a little while back when Xbox Germany stated the game was coming to its console, leading to Square Enix having to reinstate that Final Fantasy VII remake was a PlayStation exclusive.

Back in June Miguel got a chance to play Final Fantasy VII Remake and wrote:

It’s still hard to believe, but this game really is coming. Whether we get one disc or three, the content is bound to be worthwhile if this brief demo was any indication. The decision to shift form turn-based action to something more real time will remain contentious for devout fans, but it’s inventive and rewarding. Square observed the flaws of their action combat from Final Fantasy XV, and improved on every part of it. Having gone hands on, I now can’t wait for even more when the game launches in March 2020.

You can read the preview here.

Source: YouTube/Twiiter

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