Bandai Namco trademarks hint at a Splatterhouse remaster

Bandai Namco have filed a number of new trademarks in Japan, all suffixed with the word Encore. This subtitle has been used recently for the Katamari Damacy remaster and a newly announced remater of Kotoba no Puzzle: Moji Pittan.

Five games have been registered, the headliner being Splatterhouse Encore. The original game saw Rick, a parapsychology student, resurrected from the dead by the Terror Mask and rampaging through a mansion to save his beloved girlfriend Jennifer from a fate worse than death. Originally a side scrolling arcade game the franchise was rebooted in 2010 with a pretty decent 3D action adventure on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


Bandai Namco have also registered Klonoa Encore, presumably a remake of the 2.5D platformer that originated on PlayStation 1, and Mr. Driller Encore. Mr. Driller was an arcade puzzle game that got ported to many different systems, think Tetris meets Dig Dug.

Wagan Land, a really old platformer from 1989 featuring a robot dinosaur, and Genpei Tōma Den, a side scrolling beat ’em up from 1986, round off the list of Encore trademarks.

Source: Gematsu

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