Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide – how to beat the Banbaro

The Banbaro is the second large monster you’ll encounter in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Here’s a rundown of some tips, tricks, and preparation advice to take it down.

This wooly wanderer shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge to players and actually marks a step down in difficulty from the Beotodus. Don’t underestimate the Banbaro, however: this hulking cousin of the harmless Anteka and Popo can still catch you off guard if you get too complacent.

First up, preparation. After besting the Beotodus you will have hopefully learned more about Iceborne’s new location, Hoarfrost Reach, and what precautions to take. The best way to protect yourself from the environment is by stocking up on Hot Drinks (crafted from Hot Peppers) and Nulberries.

Predictably, the Banbaro is resistant to both ice and water elements. Dragon element works best here with fire weapons close behind, then thunder. Always take into consideration the raw damage output of your weapons too.

The trick to this fight is to always pressure the Banbaro’s flanks. Nearly all of its attacks are forward focused as it swings its head or dashes large projectiles at you.

There are two main attacks you need to be wary of and they’re both pretty much identical. The Banbaro will use its massive antlers to dig beneath the surface, churning up a piece of terrain which it then wields like a weapon.

It’s a clever mechanic and means the Banbaro adapts depending on where your hunt takes place. In the Hoarfrost Reach, it creates a boulder which can be rolled to form a path of destruction. After a few charges, the Banbaro will then toss this makeshift missile at you.

The more deadly version of this attack sees the Banbaro use fallen trees. Carrying it with both antlers, the reach of these attacks is considerably wider. Similarly, it will fling the log once it has taken a charges.

As a result, you should always avoid facing the Banbaro head on unless it’s stunned or otherwise incapacitated. Always approach from the sides even if you plan on targeting its head to break off those antlers. Keep this rule in mind and the fight should be fairly trivial.

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