SMITE PS4 crossplay finally goes live with Realm Royale to follow

SMITE, the god battling MOBA from Hi-Rez Studios, now allows for crossplay between all platforms. Previously, this feature was available across the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC versions of the game, with Sony’s PlayStation 4 now joining the fold.

The developer also confirmed that its Paladins battle royale spin-off, Realm Royale, will also be getting crossplay on PS4 though this will come a little later, rolling out in early October.

There is a slight catch, however. Those wanting to play SMITE on PlayStation 4 and other formats won’t be able to share progression with this version of the game. That means that your player rank and experience points – as well as in-game currency and purchases – won’t carry over though this is something Hi Rez Studios is currently trying to work on with Sony.

SMITE’s suite of crossplay features is pretty robust, allowing for friends lists, group invites, and leaderboards. It’s worth noting that Hi Rez currently separates players based on their control input. As a result gamepad users won’t be chucked in with keyboard and mouse players, helping to maintain an even playing field.

For a more detailed breakdown of SMITE’s crossplay implementation, there’s a handy FAQ covering all the big questions.

SMITE officially launched back in 2014 when MOBAs were all the rage. Much like MMORPGs and publisher’s attempts to create their own World of Warcraft, League of Legends created a very similar landscape for this fledgling genre.

Besides LoL and Valve’s Dota 2, SMITE is one of just a small handful of MOBAs that has managed to find success. What sets SMITE apart is its use of gods and mythical beings from various cultures as its playable heroes, each with their own unique pool of abilities.

Not only that, SMITE favours a third person camera angle over the traditional top down view. This design choice easily makes SMITE the best MOBA for consoles, at least in terms of actual playability.

Source: SMITE official website

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