Booze in Hell when Afterparty comes out in October

The foul-mouthed, drink-fuelled, Hell escaping adventure game Afterparty finally has a release date. It’s out next month, just in time for Halloween, on 29th October. It’s also now confirmed that it’s coming to PlayStation 4, in addition to Xbox One with a day one release onto Xbox Game Pass.


Afterparty is the latest game from Night School Studio, the team behind the acclaimed indie game Oxenfree. From supernatural teen drama, Afterparty takes inspiration from a later stage of life: university and copious amounts of drinking and partying. Unfortunately for best friends Milo and Lola, they end up just a little bit dead, and get dumped into eternal damnation of Hell.

This is Hell with a difference. It’s less about getting tortured by demons, and more about repeatedly torturing your liver. I mean, you’re already dead once, right?

As co-founder Sean Krankel explains, “Afterparty’s version of the afterlife draws from all religions, but is firmly rooted in reality. It was a blast developing our own set of rules, deviating from the familiar pitchforks and fire in most interpretations of Hell. Our dead people and demons have jobs, families, and argue over the good parking spot like the rest of us. But they also throw Death Day parties for serial killers.”

You have to navigate this, help people out, get them to help you, and eventually try to escape Hell and get back to Earth. Those drinks will help, with over 30 inventive cocktails in the game giving you various new options when talking to people. Like when you need some especially good put downs for when you’re playing Beer Pong.

For fans of adventure games (and Oxenfree in particular) this will be one well worth checking out. If it’s tickled your interest, well why not have a gander at our preview from earlier this year?

Source: EU PS Blog

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