What We Played #417 – Link’s Awakening, Borderlands 3 & Sayonara Wild Hearts

It’s the end of another pretty busy week here on TSA, and September seems content to throw up more than a few surprises, outside of the big blockbusters and regular sports titles.

I’ve been playing the simply delightful The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake for Nintendo Switch, and doing so in part on the similarly delightful Switch Lite with its new, purely handheld focus. But alongside a 90s classic, I’ve also been playing a modern classic on the handheld, in the form of Divinity: Original Sin 2’s Switch port.

I’ve also sampled the first half of Sayonara Wild Hearts, spurred on by Dom’s effusive review of the synaesthesia-inducing rhythm action pop album video game. He also reviewed the Mega Drive Mini, finding some of the classic games are still amazing, others less so in the excellent mini console, and sunk more time into Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

Aran’s picked up the ball with our sports game reviews, dishing out a verdict on eFootball PES 2020 and some initial impressions on FIFA 20. Currently it’s EA’s game is the slam dunk winner, in his opinion, but hopefully PES can get patched up.

Reviewing Borderlands 3 for us (and with a few stinging opinions) was Jason, who’s also played two other games that he can’t talk about. It’s also been Borderlands 3 for Gamoc, who says, “The story is poor and it’s not as funny, but everything else is great, so I’m finding it hard to get away from.” He did go and try Anthem though, and kind of likes it.

It was a similar feeling for Steve when he played Daymare: 1998, and interesting halfway house between the two Resident Evil 2 games. He then went back to Berserk and the Band of the Hawk for a bit of stress relief, checked out a few cheap Ratalaika games on PS4, and has been plugging away at Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey.

Miguel makes three for Borderlands 3, but he’s supplemented that with Dragon Quest XI S on the Switch, has been honing his skills in Tetris 99, reviewed Utawarerumono Zan and wrapped up Gun Gun Pixies. All of that has meant that Astral Chain and Control have been put on hold.

Ade finished off River City Girls and started on The Executioner, before getting distracted by the latest Overcooked 2 DLC and the trial for A Plague Tale. Meanwhile, Jim had “a VR/retro kind of week.” That meant Beat Saber and its Imagine Dragons playlist, and a step back in time to explore the Silent Hill franchise for the first time. He’s literally just set foot in the first game!

And finally, Tuffcub… but do we really need to tell you?

Now then, what have you been playing this week? Let us know so we can include you in Something for the Weekend tomorrow!

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  1. Link’s Awakening. Never played the original. Absolutely loving it. Just completed the Slime Dungeon.

  2. Borderlands, Borderlands and mooooaaaarrrrr BORDERLANDS ITS SLAPPING GRRRRRRREAT!!!!
    Sorry blame Borderlands.
    I am now Level 41 got great weapons and I think I am near the end xD what a great week of killing bandits and monsters aswell as looting!

  3. Finally got fire emblems 3 houses but might be on hold now the wife’s switch lite is here and sharing my account. Just got untitled goose game and playing through with my daughter. Lots of fun

    • Yeah, account sharing can be a bit of a pain, but workable with a bit of fiddling of the primary activation etc. etc.

      Really depends on who uses which Switch and how often your main Switch goes portable.

      DRM is such a restrictive fuss.

  4. Subnautica continues to amaze us, what beautiful water effects this game has…!
    I also played some Valiant Hearts from my backlog, which was ok.
    The most disappointing games this week were clearly the two Spider-Man VR demos. Neither was working, as they both couldn’t even be started without the move controllers, I wonder how stupid game designers (or whoever took that decision) can be..!

  5. More NMS VR, before the patch i could play 90 mins before my eyes got tired, now i can play for 3-4 hours with no eye strain.

  6. Royal Mail delivered Link’s Awakening on Thursday evening and by Sunday evening the credits were rolling. The nostalgia trip was absolutely fantastic. Back to Smash Bros. Ultimate, Devil May Cry 5 and the life sucking Sims 4.

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