Ark meets pirates as Atlas comes to Xbox One next month

The follow up game from the developers of Ark: Survival Evolved, Atlas is an online multiplayer pirate survival game and it’s coming to Xbox One Game Preview next month on 8th October.


Wait, we’ve had pirates on Xbox before, haven’t we? Atlas is at the other end of the spectrum to Sea of Thieves with a persistent world, with the ability too have a lasting mark on the world

Now, you might be thinking you’ve heard of this game already, and that’s because you have. It’s out on PC right now in Steam Early Access, having popped up on there a couple days before Christmas last year. It was horrendously, hilariously broken at the time, and has “mixed” reviews on Steam even a year after launch, but it’s presumably improved a lot since then.

The game will arrive on Xbox One with cross-play support to the PC version of the game, with absolute parity between the two systems. The first update after launch will be about hotfixing the game, but following on from that they’re going to be addressing and digging into how you earn ships, engage with them and use them to ride the high seas.

Quality will still be a big concern at launch, despite assurances. Even if this game sounds amazing, we’d say to give it a few days to see how it’s shaping up before you dive in.

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