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Final Fantasy VII Remake cover art revealed

Today, Square Enix has revealed the final cover art for Final Fantasy VII Remake along with some cleaned up gameplay footage which shows Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith engaged in battle with the sewer beast Abzu. Ifrit also makes an appearance to give the team a hand. It’s a cut from the footage that was shown during Tokyo Game Show, so you may have already seen what is going in the video.


Now, are you ready for the Final Fantasy VII Remake cover artwork. Scroll down and get a look at it.

Front and centre of the pack is Cloud holding his massive sword with Midgar in the distance. Of course this is version of the game is only the first part of the full Final Fantasy VII Remake experience, as this edition is just the first part of a bigger remake saga. So, it should probably say Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 1 or something, to make it clear that this isn’t the absolute full story that was contained in the original Final Fantasy VII. If you want to watch even more gameplay check out the full presentation below.

Back in June Miguel had a play with Final Fantasy VII Remake and wrote:

It’s still hard to believe, but this game really is coming. Whether we get one disc or three, the content is bound to be worthwhile if this brief demo was any indication. The decision to shift form turn-based action to something more real time will remain contentious for devout fans, but it’s inventive and rewarding. Square observed the flaws of their action combat from Final Fantasy XV, and improved on every part of it. Having gone hands on, I now can’t wait for even more when the game launches in March 2020.

You can read the full preview here.

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