[UPDATE] MediEvil demo confirmed but it’s only available for two weeks

Earlier today the Japanese PlayStation Store posted a demo of MediEvil but quickly removed it, fuelling speculation that the demo would launch during tonight’s State of Play broadcast by PlayStation. That speculation turned out to be correct as Sony have confirmed the demo which is now live and you can download it here.

You won’t have long to play it though, for some reason this is MediEvil “Short-Lived demo” which is only available until October 6th. However, if you do play the demo keep an eye for Dan’s Helmet, if you find it it will be unlocked for you if you play the full game.


Developers Other Ocean have full access to the original MediEvil source code allowing the team to faithfully recreate the 1998 action game with only a few adjustments where needed.

“Our credo was ‘Do what they did, and don’t change anything unless you have a good reason to change it’,” explains Jeff Nachbauer, Executive Producer on the project.

“Often times you’d go in the code, see a strange design decision and think ‘Why did they do that? It doesn’t make a lot of sense.’ And then you go on the journey of trying to solve challenges further in the game and ultimately release – ‘That’s exactly why they did it. I get it now.’”

This source code also makes reference to parts of MediEvil that didn’t make the final cut when the game shipped. One example is a stage in a particular boss fight that was removed.

Other Ocean didn’t specifically state how much content was left on the cutting room floor. However, with full access to the source code and designer’s notes left by the team at SCE Cambridge Studio, it’s able to built MediEvil from scratch again, knowing exactly what those original developers had envisioned.

To celebrate the launch of the upcoming MediEvil PS4 remake, there’s a new comic being written by the game’s original co-creators.

Chris Sorrell and Jay Gunn have collaborated on a new story titled “Fate’s Arrow”. This takes place after the events of MediEvil 2 and will reportedly have Sir Daniel Fortesque travelling back in time where he’ll meet a much younger, less dead version of himself.

According to the blurb, he must (re)experience the events leading up to the legendary battle in which he first lost his life. This means rekindling old friendships and no doubt going toe to toe with a cavalcade of villains he’s already vanquished, all in a bid to save the kingdom and become the Hero of Gallowmere.

MediEvil will launch on October 25th exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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  1. Demo is live – 11GB

  2. I’m not back home until the end of October. If I download it remotely, can I play it when I get back?

    Like I can still play the PT demo even though that’s not available anymore?

    • It might not be playable after the 6th, or it might just not be available to download after then.

      If you don’t download it remotely while you’re away, you definitely won’t get to play it either way. And it’s not huge, and presumably if you’re away it doesn’t matter if your internet gets tied up downloading it for an hour.

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