The Division 2 is down for maintenance

Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy loot shooter, The Division 2, will be going offline as the team at Massive carry out scheduled maintenance. This will pave the way for update 5.2, a minor patch that should include some small adjustments.

It has been confirmed that the game’s online servers will go dark today at 09.30 AM CEST /  03:30 AM EDT / 12:30 AM PDT (08.30 AM for us here in the UK). Ubisoft estimates that The Division 2 will remain offline for approximately 3 hours as it carries out maintenance.

With any luck Agents won’t have to wait that long to jump back into Washington DC. It goes without saying that during this maintenance period, there’s absolutely no way of accessing the game, so you’ll need to hold tight.

Ubisoft hasn’t specifically stated what update 5.2 will entail though it seems likely that there some bug fixes inbound and perhaps some re-balancing to certain weapons and abilities. Massive will be dropping a list of patch notes later today for studious Division fans to dive into.

Looking at the bigger picture, Ubisoft is starting to lay the groundwork for its next major content drop for The Division 2. Title Update 6 doesn’t have a confirmed release date just yet, though the developers promise that significant changes will be made to the game’s core loot and crafting systems.

Some key highlights include modifications to the game’s brand sets with players now only needing 4 pieces of gear from a set to unlock all brand bonuses.The team will also be increasing the max stash capacity of 300.

Another new feature will help agents find specific pieces of loot, showing where to find them on the map. If you travel to these locations there’s a chance that items from the rotation will appear via regular NPCs or containers with guaranteed drops from bosses.

Click here for a more detailed breakdown of Title Update 6 changes and how they’ll affect The Division 2.

Source: Official Ubisoft forum


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