New footage released of VR title After The Fall

Back at E3 Vertigo Games, best known for Arizona Sunshine, revealed its new creation which is called After The Fall. It’s a post-apocalyptic title in which survivors must kill large monsters and hordes of zombie-like creatures. It’s similar to Arizona Sunshine in some respects then but now players are in an alternate timeline in the snow-covered ruins of Los Angeles which should really signal just how far things have fallen. The reason for the fall was experimental designer drugs which lead to disaster in the 1980’s. 20 years later and survivors are coming back to claim the city from the infestation.


Don’t worry though as players will have all sorts of weapons to face down the threats including guns and melee weapons. Players will be able to scavenge the ruins of the city to find parts so they can create weapons like a walkman rocket launcher. Players will also have access to powers that can help turn the tide of the battle, but it seems for the most part you’ll be relying heavily on your weaponry.

A beta for the PC version of After The Fall has been confirmed and people can sign up for a chance to access it through the game’s website here. After The Fall is set to be released in 2020 for PSVR, Oculus devices, and Vive devices.

Source: YouTube

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