[UPDATE] Check out the three week old trailer for The Outer Worlds here!

UPDATE: As pointed out below, Microsoft broadcast a trailer that was three weeks old. Sorry we missed that! Original story below.

As part of Microsoft’s not-at-all-timed-to-try-and-steal-Sony’s-thunder Inside Xbox stream, we were treated to a brand new trailer for The Outer Worlds. Coming from the minds behind the original Fallout and with members of the Fallout New Vegas team, it’s all set to fill the Fallout-sized hole in your life that’s likely not been filled since… Fallout New Vegas.


Displaying a wonderful sense of humour, the new trailer shows a variety of different landscapes, weapons and enemies, and while they’ve been keen to try to manage player’s expectations with it coming from a smaller team it looks to be shaping up very well indeed.

Check out the trailer as part of the Inside Xbox stream here (it should start up right around the 42 minute mark):

Senior Narrative Designer Megan Starks also dropped in to talk about Leadership Skills that come into play with your AI companions that follow you around. While you can build your own team, they’re making them chattier, more active and more competent in combat, which should make your single player experience feel more organic. You can also manage your companions skills and perks as well, giving you some nice RPG tinkering to sink into.


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  1. This trailer isn’t new…


    • Oh. Well… good job Microsoft. Sorry for assuming that they’d have something new and interesting for their stream!

      • It does seem odd to be fair. As for the game, really want it but are far too many games coming out soon.

  2. Klart is right. This is basically the same trailer that you guys posted 3 weeks ago.


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