Wanderlust: Travel Stories is out now, check out the launch trailer

Wanderlust is defined as having a strong desire to travel but for many of us being able to travel frequently is but a dream. While we can’t all travel the world as we would like we can experience some of the scenarios people face while doing so in Wanderlust: Travel Stories which has launched today for PC, Mac and iOS devices.


Wanderlust: Travel Stories is part travelogue part management as you take control of the journey of solo travelers in different parts of the world, taking care of their finances, keeping their mental health in order, keeping them fed and making choices on what to do. Every choice will have some kind of impact with decisions relying on the frame of mind the character you’re guiding is in. Locations will include Thailand, Spain, Argentina, and China with over 12 hours of gameplay confirmed.

Back in July I played a preview build of the game and wrote:

Wanderlust: Travel Stories does present something a bit different from your typical gaming fare – you could perhaps compare it to the fantastic 80 Days. Though there are elements of micromanagement it looks like the game itself is shaping up to be a quite relaxing experience, with the core aspect about exploring the various points of our planet.

You can read the full preview here. If you head over the game’s website you can play a teaser version of Wanderlust: Travel Stories.

Wanderlust: Travel Stories costs $19.99/£15.49.

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