Everything we know about The Last of Us Part II

Naughty Dog’s epic The Last of Us Part II was previewed to the press a few days ago (though sadly not us) and lots of new information on the game has now come out. We’ve scoured the internet and collated all the juicy new details from these previews, breaking them up into some broad topics.

If you’re worried about getting caught out by spoilers, then don’t be. Naughty Dog are keeping a tight lid on things and deliberately obscuring the plot within trailers, while previews were from the opening few hours of the game and press have been understandably tight lipped about the plot.


  • The start of the game finds Ellie living a relatively settled life in Jackson, Wyoming. It is a small community, but there are some signs of normality including a school. The town is run by Joel’s brother Tommy, played by Jeffrey Pierce.
  • Ellie has a flirty relationship with young woman called Dina, played by Shannon Woodward.
  • Ellie can now jump! This allows her to vault though windows and over cars. She can also squeeze through narrow gaps.
  • Ellie can go prone, allowing you to move between cover, and you can still shoot and throw objects whilst laying down.
  • Ellie has an RPG-style skill tree with three branches than can be used to upgrade health, combat, stealth, her listen ability, and more. You will need to collect pill bottles to unlock the upgrades.
  • She also has a close relationship with another character, Jesse, who used to date Dina.


  • The game picks up five years after the events of the first game.
  • Whatever you think the story is going to be you are probably wrong. “We’ve been very deliberate and mindful, from even the Paris trailer and those characters which you haven’t seen in a while, to this trailer and these demos,” said Game Director Neil Druckmann. “Everything is done in a way to entice you but also to protect the story and protect the experiences we’re after in the story.”
  • Be prepared for trauma. “It’s important for this story and the state of the world is for you to understand the stakes that we’re dealing with, that anybody’s life is at risk,” said Druckmann. “And we want you going into this game to really believe that anybody’s life is at risk – including the character you’re playing yourself, meaning Ellie. Including Joel. Including Dina. Including all the other cast of characters.”
  • The story is about “destructive cycles of violence”. Lovely.


  • The game uses an “evolved” version of the combat found in the original The Last of Us.
  • Guns can be modded and include pistols, shotguns, and rifles, but ammo is still scarce.
  • Fatal shots against enemies are marked with a red X so you know when they are down.
  • Ellie has her trusty bow and can now craft explosive arrows
  • There is a dodge button which is useful to escape from the clutches of a clicker.
  • You now have a Switchblade at all times rather than having to craft a single use shivs like you did in the first game.
  • Naughty Dog say the game has “analogue stealth”, so you are only safe if completely hidden.
  • You can stealth through almost the entire game and not kill anyone.
  • It is exceptionally gory in places, “using a melee weapon like an axe or hammer up close is visceral and potentially stomach-churning”. The game has a new “gore system” that allows for jaws to be blown off and faces to be removed.
  • You can smash an enemy through a window, and then smash their head on the sharp, jagged window frame.
  • You can now throw bricks, bottles and other items while running.
  • Serious injuries will require immediate treatment by holding the R1 button.
  • Shooting an enemy in the leg will cause them to fall to their knees, stunning them and allowing you time to run up and finish them off.


  • Some human enemies are from the Washington Liberation Front, or WLF, a “militant, xenophobic group”.
  • You will also encounter the Seraphites, a cult who believe in ritualistic sacrifice. They hang their sacrifices by the neck and disembowel them, believing that they are “nested with sin”. Two characters, Lev and Emily, were previously members of the cult.
  • The human enemies are all named and NPCs will use their friends names when chatting. The names will be consistent, so if you kill someone called Bill but die a few moments later, you will encounter Bill again when you reload.
  • If humans spot Ellie they will alert their friends by whistling.
  • Enemies are more intelligent and flank you; the AI has being described as “exceptional.”
  • In the previous game enemies either knew where you were or they did not. There is now level of awareness between that known as “vague knowledge”, where an enemy will have a general idea of where you are and start looking for you.
  • Enemies now include dogs. If you take out the mutt and the human owner will be upset, take out the owner and the dog will become sad. Ellie leaves a scent that can be seen in Listen mode and dogs can track this.
  • Dogs can be evaded by running through a door and closing it behind you. However, the will whine and paw at the door to try and get a human to open it.
  • There is a new Clicker called the Shambler. It is heavily armoured, immune to stealth kills, and emits a cloud fungal spores when you get close.
  • Clickers are much faster than they were in the first game.


  • The game follows the design principals of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy with “wide linear” environments. This means you are always subtly funnelled in the right direction, but there are plenty of opportunities to explore.
  • Environments are much bigger than the first game, with hidden areas and verticality.
  • You can ride horses.
  • AI companions are much better at hiding and finding cover than in the first game.


The game will ship with four different versions in the UK. The standard version contains just The Last of Us Part II on disc, while the Collectors Edition is exclusive to GAME and includes:

  • Full game and Steelbook case
  • 12″ Ellie Statue
  • 48 page Mini Art Book from Dark Horse
  • Replica of Ellie’s Bracelet
  • Lithograph Art Print and Thank You Letter
  • Set of 5 Stickers
  • Set of 6 Enamel Pins
  • Digital Content including PSN Avatars, a PS4 Theme and a Digital Soundtrack
  • Digital Mini Art Book from Dark Horse

The Special Edition is available for all retailers and includes:

  • Full game and Steelbook case
  • PS4 dynamic theme
  • A set of six PSN Avatars
  • 48 page mini art Book from dark horse

Finally, GAME have another exclusive, the Standard Edition Plus:

  • The full game
  • Alternative cover artwork
  • The Last Of Us Part II branded tote bag, keyring and badge set.

If you pre-order any edition of The Last of Us Part II you will also get a couple of boosters.

  • Ammo Capacity Upgrade: Instantly unlock an ammo capacity upgrade for Ellie’s pistol.
  • Crafting Training Manual: Instantly unlock the Crafting Training Manual, which provides access to new crafting recipes and upgrades.

The Last of Us Part II will be released on February 21st 2020, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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