Game of the Month: September 2019

The mad rush of end of year game releases is well and truly upon us, with September’s opening salvo leaving us spoilt for choice and with wallets feeling noticeably lighter. When it comes to video games the end of summer and autumn burdens us with some difficult decisions to make, eager to play every big new release but with completely strapped for time and money. Luckily, if you’re searching for the very best of last month’s lineup, look no further.

September 2018 was a similarly packed month with some notable front runners including Dragon Quest XI, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Marvel’s Spider-Man, alongside the regular crop of annual sports titles. However, judging by the scores, this year’s September selection saw the bar raised considerably.

Only one game could come out on top and even though there was plenty of competition, Simogo’s Sayonara Wild Hearts scooped up our coveted Game of the Month award. Its score-chasing gameplay may be simple, but it was tethered to an effortless style and a flawless electropop soundtrack, taking you on a mini musical odyssey. Short but sweet, Sayonara Wild Hearts is the essential indie hit of 2019, scoring a heroic 10/10 in our review.


Hot on its heels we had a cluster 9s, starting with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Although pegged as an expansion, at times it felt as though we were playing a new entry in Capcom’s power-selling franchise. September also served up some more Nintendo Switch magic with the stellar Daemon X Machina, standing out of this year’s must have mech game.

Wild Hearts wasn’t the only indie game that caught our attention, Creature in the Well making a surprise debut thanks to its intriguing dungeon brawling with a pinball twist. Then there was Untitled Goose Game, of course, stealing our hearts with its village terrorising honking miscreant.

As for major sequels, Gears of War made its long awaited return with Gears 5. Its bloody brand of chainsaw-revving, cover-shooting action felt unmistakably familiar, yet this was fused to some interesting new decisions in its design and narrative, while its multiplayer offerings are as fun as ever.

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