Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled to host Spooky Grand Prix event

Beenox has announced a new Halloween themed event for Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled. The Spooky Grand Prix kicks off this Friday on October 4th and comes tagged with another healthy dose of free post launch content.


Headlining this latest Grand Prix season is another new map. It’s the fourth original track that’s been added to the game since it launched back in June, this time drawing us into the dark recesses of Nina Cortex’s mind. Here’s a description of Nina’s Nightmare:

In this new track you will race through misty marshes, eerie gardens, and twisted hallways of a haunted manor. Dodge your way around pumpkins spitting green ooze that can slow you down to a dead stop. Keep your head in twisted hallways under the foreboding eyes of ancestors long since passed. Then, confront the most terrifying sight of all – a beastly spider-pumpkin hellbent on stomping you into the ground!

Racing fans can also expect a collection of new karts, characters, skins, and decals. They’re appropriately themed for Halloween with costumes such as Pirate Papu Papu, Firefighter Dingodile, and Lion Pura, with Tiny getting his Teen Wolf on.

These new cosmetic items can be purchased via the in game Pit Stop store using your hard earned Wumpa Coins (which can also be bought for real money now). However, there are some rewards that require you to complete challenges, collecting Nitro Points in exchange for some cool freebies.

Once the Grand Prix is over these will disappear, so you’ll need to that hit gold tier pretty quick. That said, we’re starting to see items from previous series slowly being funnelled back into the Pit Stop.

Beenox has added another cool challenge type to this season’s lineup. Breaking crates will occasionally unleash ghosts that you’ll need to catch up to in order to collect them.

For more on Nitro-Fueled, we’ve put together a handy list of guides and features you can find below.

Source: Activision

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