Green Hell coming to consoles, online co-op announced

Open world survival game Green Hell will be welcoming console players to the jungle in 2020. Developer Creepy Jar has confirmed that a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version is in the works – there’s no solid launch date right now though hopefully we’ll see the port appear early next year.

This is just one of several announcements the studio made today, revealing its long term plans for Green Hell via a content road map.

Having recently come out of Steam early access and hitting version 1.0, it’s been confirmed that Green Hell is getting online co-op. You and up to three friends will be able to brave the Amazon as a team, building, fighting, and surviving together.

Green Hell’s base building system is getting a major shot in the arm too. A future title update will introduce plant cultivation, adding another layer to its resource gathering gameplay. Speaking of layers, survivors can now expand their shelters by adding additional floors.

Green Hell is the debut game from Polish studio, Creepy Jar. Right now, it’s sitting on a “very positive” Steam user rating and has quickly grown into one of 2019’s most talked about sandbox survival games.

Unlike most titles in this genre, Green Hell has a story line and one that sees the player trying to save their partner from the untamed clutches of the Amazon. With a dash of psychological horror thrown into the mix, you’ll need to keep your character alive by gathering and crafting supplies while evading predators and native tribes.

Source: Press release

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