Golem’s release date confirmed, PSVR exclusive releasing in November

It was back in 2015 when the PSVR exclusive Golem was first announced but there was very little news regarding the title, until in August when it was confirmed that Golem would be released at some point in the autumn. Today an actual release date, or in this case dates, have been confirmed by Highwire Games and Perp Games.

The physical edition will be released on November 8th in Europe, with a North American physical release to follow shortly after. A digital release of Golem will be out a few days later on November 12th. The story of Golem follows that of a boy called Twine who becomes bed-bound after a serious accident. However, in his bedridden state Twine discovers the power of being able to create and control stone golems which can be used to explore a large, abandoned city. The golems will uncover artifacts and the story to how the city is connected to Twine.

Golem features free movement and also one on one combat situations where players will have to fight, counter, dodge, and block when facing off against enemies. Those who buy the physical edition of the game will get the musical prequel “Echoes of the First Dream” as a bonus.

Source: Perp Games

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