Star Wars Battlefront II October community calendar confirms return of Ewok Hunt

The night is dark and full of small teddy bear-like creatures that hunt storm troopers. At least it will be as EA has confirmed that, among other things, this October players will see the return of Ewok Hunt in Star Wars Battlefront II. For those unfamiliar with this mode, Ewok Hunt takes place on Endor where players are either Storm Troopers or the Ewoks with each side hunting the other. The map has been revamped and there will be some new appearances in this mode that haven’t occurred before. Ewok Hunt will be available from October 23rd

In addition to Ewok Hunt the battle point event of Heroes Unleased between October 18th-20th where Hero prices will be reduced by 75%. These events join the timed quests of It’s Not Impossible and Exact Revenge which were confirmed the other day. The quests will give the awards of Luke Skywalker’s farmer outfit and Darth Maul’s Kenobi emote should they be completed.

Source: Twitter

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