An extremely rare Nintendo PlayStation is up for sale

In the days of yore when the internet was green pastures and forests as far as the eye could see, a small electronics company known as Sony made a deal with the console giant Nintendo. In long forgotten times, known to the Elders as “The 1980’s”, a mystical new source of unlimited data had been created and the tech gods were beholden to the marvel that was dubbed the ‘Compact Disc’.

Nintendo wished to harness this new power and brokered a deal with Sony which would see companies team up and merge their technical know-how to create new CD-ROM peripheral, the Super NES CD-ROM System, and a brand new console, named the PlayStation. However, Nintendo forgot to the check the small print in the contract until the very last moment, but when the did they saw that the terms were very much in Sony’s favour so the deal was cancelled, but not before around 200 Nintendo PlayStation prototype consoles had been made.


Those consoles are extremely rare but one of them is up for sale. The asking price is unknown but given the rarity of the console it probably going to be very expensive indeed.

Terry Diebold picked up the console as part of a lot from a bankruptcy sale of goods from an American banking company called Advanta. It is suggested the console managed to find it’s way there as former Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Ólafur Jóhann Ólafsson worked at the bank after he left Sony.  The console is operational and plays cartridges and has a PlayStation branded version of the SNES controller.

After the two companies went their separate ways Sony reforged their work in to create their own console, also called the PlayStation, and the rest is history. It’s weird to think that the console that many of you now have stashed under your television owes it’s existence to a failed business deal, and that Nintendo inadvertently created one of their biggest competitors.

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  1. Compact Disc – an ancient artifact thought only to exist in myth…

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