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RuneScape adding new Archaeology skill in 2020

Jagex has announced a new RuneScape player skill that will be arriving early next year. A huge game update planned for January 2020 will have you embrace your inner fortune hunter thanks to the new Archaeology skill.

RuneScape’s fantasy realm of Gielinor will soon play host to a number of dig sites where players can excavate precious artefacts. You’ll then have the option to source collectors for these rare items or donate them to a museum, earning credits that can be exchanged for other loot.

Described as a multifaceted skill, Archaeology involves gathering, manufacturing, and trading, while also having an influence elsewhere in the game.

For example, you’ll be able to summon ancient creatures that act as a friendly pet or familiar. Your discoveries will also include weapons as well as schematics for long lost technology, giving you the blueprints to build some intriguing new equipment.

So far, Jagex has confirmed that there will be five Archaeology dig sites added to RuneScape when the skill launches next year. These include the new Khalid-Et biome, a network of catacombs that lie beneath the desert city of Al-Kharid.

You’ll also visit the vampiric lands of Morytania in your search for treasure as well as Orthen and an area of The Wilderness known as the Infernal Sword.

This new skill can be trained up all the way to level 120, Jagex promising a wealth of Archeology content to get stuck into. Although a member skill, Runescape’s free to play population will be able to dabble in some novice relic hunting and train up to rank 20.

Archaeology brings the total number of player skills up to 28. The last skill, Invention, was introduced back in January 2016, with Divination being added to RuneScape in mid 2013.

Jagex made the announcement at this year’s RuneFest fan festival where it also unveiled new content for Old School RuneScape as well as improvements made to the modern mobile version of its MMO.

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