New sales offer discounts on PSN credit, get £50 for £42


ShopTo are once again offering a deal on PlayStation Store Credit, essentially giving you free money to spend on lovely games. Mmm, free money. The more you are willing to spend the better the deal, here are the offers.

ShopTo are also offering a year subscription to PlayStation Now for £39.85, saving you more than a tenner off the full price.

If for whatever reason you are not a fan of ShopTo the has a similar deal but are slightly more expensive

Alternatively head over to where £50 of PSN credit will cost you just £50. 

There are plenty of games to choose from on the PSN Store including a load of offers in the new PlayStation VR sale, a list of the games on offer can be found by expanding the section below. Alternatively you could pick up Death Stranding on the cheap, or spend the cash in a casino. Sorry, that’s a typo, I mean in FIFA 20.


Source: ShopTo / CD Keys

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. nice one! thanks for the heads up 👍

  2. I’ve checked my spreadsheet, and the £35 for £28.85 is still the best value (17.57% saving) compared to the others, the £50 is a close second (16.3%), so if you only need/ want £50 that is the one to go for.

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